Judy Mullins
105 Moffat, Knowlton, J0E 1V0, 450 243 5944
One of a kind Santas + Garden scarecrows 
In the picturesque countryside of the eastern Townships, Judy has been creating “One of a Kind Santa's” and scarecrows for the past 28 years. Like most self taught artisans,
her motivation is the challenge of the creative process and on a more personal level, her love of Christmas. Judy’s Santa's have evolved over the years from the simple one dowel armatures into the more intricate structures which include mini doll house size up to her life size creations.
Weather on skis, snowshoes, Victorian, Traditional or Québécois each Santa is made with great care and attention to detail. Faces are hand sculpted from polymer clay. The armatures are made of wood, wire and cloth. Vintage fabrics, furs treasures from tag sales and antique shops make each Santa a “one of a Kind”.
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